Pintxo recipe with petingas, artichokes and romesco sauce

Portuguese Sardines in cans are fashionable. They are very nutritious and healthy, they are traditionally fished and picked by hand. Therefore, they are tender and juicy. In addition, you can prepare countless recipes such as salads, tapas and sandwiches. If you buy Portuguese sardines, we recommend that you try this simple recipe.

Recipe: Pintxo de Petingas (Sardines) with Artichokes and Romesco Sauce

This Pintxo is one of the favorites of our customers in our business in Vienna. It is prepared in just 5 minutes and the guests will love it. The juicy and tenderness of petingas contrasts perfectly with the strong taste of the Romesco sauce.

Ingredients (4 persons)

What is Romesco sauce?

The Romesco sauce is a sauce from Catalonia specifically from Tarragona. The base include tomatoes, Ñora peppers and nuts. It always accompanies the famous Calçot's young onions and is often used to serve fish and vegetables. You can also follow our romesco sauce recipe to make it yourself or you buy already prepared Romesco sauce with 100% natural ingredients.

Pintxo recipe using petingas, artichokes and romesco sauce step by step

1. Tow the bread slices until they are brown and crispy.

2. Spread the bread with a thin layer of Romesco sauce.

3. Cut the artichokes in halves, leave them on absorbent paper for a few seconds to remove excess water, and place them on the Romesco sauce.

4. Place two petingas (sardines) on the artichokes.

5. Sprinkle some parsley over the sardines and serve the pintxo.

Wine matching recommendation: You can combine this pintxo with a Cava as a perfect aperitif for a dinner on hot days.